Textile artist  /   Light Language Healer

Hanna   Yokozawa  Farquharson

My Art is never negative but full of Happiness within.

My Art is based on Happiness.  

Happiness is not superficial, 

 it is about serenity and harmony, belonging and knowing purpose and place.

Happiness is what we all look for in Life, isn't it ?

Current & upcoming exhibitions 2022


june 4, 2022 - Feb ., 2023        in the middle of everywhere  - Group Exhibition 

                                         Remai Modern  saskatoon, SK  


August 2 - Oct 1, 2022        Messengers and mystery

                                         Handmade house gallery show,  Saskatoon, sK

September 1- october 30 2022     Gaia SymphonyLight from Water - Solo exhibition

                                                 The community partners gallery ,Yorkton, SK


September 1 - October 27, 2022    Calling - OSAC Touring solo Exhibition

                                                 the Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, Shaunavon, SK

September  22 - november  12, 2022     CrossRoads - Group Exhibition

                                                        The Grand National FibRe Art group Exhibition,

                                                        The Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, MB

November 1 - December 23, 2022         Calling - OSAC Touring Solo Exhibition

                                                        the Art Gallery of Outlook, SK, outlook & District arts Council

Solo Exhibition in Yorkton

Gaia Symphony & Light from Water 


Light from water is Based on Dr. Masaru Emoto's study about Crystallized water.

Material - antique silk yuuki kimono fabric

                silk Threads from my mom's kimono obi

funded by  - SK ARTS

Supported by -  

                    Yorkton Arts Council             https://yorktonarts.ca/partners-gallery-1

     Emoto Peace project


To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the        marvels of nature, and life itself. - Dr. Masaru Emoto

Some videos about Dr.Masaru Emoto



Light from Water


Article from SASK TODAY. CA

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CULture Days 2022

Message from water

October 9, 2022

For more infomarion

Heal The Earth

October 15, 2022

For more infomarion

Messengers and mystery

August 2 - October 2, 2022

Handmade house gallery show, Saskatoon, sK



September 1 - October 27, 2022

OSAC Touring solo Exhibition

the Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, Shaunavon, SK

BetweenUs Project 2022

Thank you so much my beekeeper Jake Dingman from Wendell Honey Farm

,Wendell Estate Honey, https://wendellestate.ca/our-farm/ .

About Between Us Project


I’m participating “ Between Us” two year’s project.

Between Us is a project of the Art Gallery of Regina.  We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts | Conseil des arts du Canada.

A Special Thank You to The Godfrey Dean Art Gallery.

The Message from Water 

Children's version

The messages found in crystallized water are ones of love , peace. and harmony.

I will donate this children’s book to each of the public elementary schools and private elementary schools inside the city or town that my new body of work Light from Water  will be displayed at.

This project is supposed by  The Emoto Peace Project.


REmai Modern Group Show       In the Middle of Everywhere

        june 4, 2022 - Jan, 2023

        Remai Modern saskatoon, Sk          


OSAC Touring solo Exhibition  Arts on the Move  program 2021-2024 -  Calling

for more information - Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

•May 28 - Aug 15 , 2021     the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery

​•Dec 1 - Jan 23 , 2022        the Mistasinik Place, La Ronge

•Apr 1 - Apr 23, 2022         The Gallery Works and The Third Dimension community, Melville Arts Council

•May 1 - May 23, 2022        the Sherven-Smith Art Gallerey, Melfort Arts Council

•Sep 1 - Oct 23, 2022         the Grand Coteau Heritage and Cultural Centre, Shaunavon arts council

•Nov 1 - Dec 23, 2022       the Art Gallery of Outlook, outlook & District arts Council

•Jan 1, - Feb 23, 2023          the Last Mountain Lake Cultural Centre, Regina Beach

•May 2 - Jun 23, 2023       the Humboldt and District Gallery, Humboldt Area Arts Council

•Jul 1, - Aug 23, 2023        the John V. Hicks Gallery,  the Prince Albert Arts Centre

•Sep 1 - Sep 23, 2023          the Council Chambers, Leader Town Office, Leader & District Arts Council

•Oct 1 - Oct 23, 2023       the Shurniak Art Gallery, Assiniboia & District Arts Council

•Jan 1 - Feb 23, 2024          the Station Arts Centre Cooperative,, Rosthern


The Grand National FibRe Art Exhibition  -  Crossroads 

  • University of New Brunswick Art Centre, Fredericton, NB              May 2 – June 27, 2021
  • Thunder Bay Museum, Thunder Bay, ON                                July 10 – Sept 25, 2021
  • Woodstock Art Gallery, Woodstock​, ON                             Oct 16, 2021 – Feb 26, 2022
  • Victoria Arts Council, Victoria, BC                                      March 14 - MAY 21, 2022
  • Weyburn Arts Council, Weyburn SK                                     June 1 - Aug 26, 2022
  • Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba, Brandon, MB         Sept 22 - Nov 12, 2022 

Community Partners Gallery - Light from Water + Gaia Symphony

        September 1 & October 30, 2022

       Yorkton Arts Council, SK

Handmade house gallery show - Messengers and mystery

       August 2 - October 1, 2022

       Handmade House Gallery in Saskatoon, sK

Solo Textile Art Show Gaia Symphony

       March 13- May 6, 2023

       Saskatchewan Craft Council, Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

solo textile art  Show - Gaia Symphony

       summer, 2023

       saskatchewan, CANADA

Group Show - 

       Nov 9 - Dec 31, 2023

       saskatchewan, CANADA

Solo Textile Art Show - Light  from Water

       Feb 9 - March 28, 2024

       Saskatchewan, CANADA

three artists' Group Show -  Lunar Lore 

       July 13- Sept 7, 2024, saskatchewan, Canada

           ZOe Schneider 

            Savannah Holt 

            Hanna Yokozawa farquharson


The idea is there locked inside.

All you have to do is remove the excess stone.

- Michelangelo -

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