Prarie grasslands

W 72. 1/2” x H 23.1/2” 

As a young woman I was inspired by the Japanese photographer, Michio Hoshino who spent time in Alaska photographing the forests ​and many​ aspects of the natural world. He was particularly impressed by the majestic grizzly Bear. .His interests extended to the indigenous peoples of North America, their life styles, their mythology and their stories.

This year I watched David Suzuki’s ​ The Nature of Things, “Grassland: A Hidden Wilderness”. I immediately knew that I was obligated to create a piece of textile  art that would celebrate this wonder of nature and also the story of the buffalo, an endangered species, and how they were being brought home to live again on prairie grasslands.

Herds of buffalo once thundered across the prairie, their coming heard for miles. The First Nations people of the prairie depended on the buffalo. The buffalo depended upon the prairie grasses. The prairie and the buffalo lived in a symbiotic relationship. A great variety of birds and animals and plants lived also within that symbiotic relationship. The TV program explored ways in which ranchers too were part of that.

In this piece of art I aspire to capture something of the vastness and openness of the prairie. It is rich in its simplicity and it invites us into a place of serenity and wholeness, a place where everything comes together and each part depends on ‘the other’. All belongs. All parts ‘find home.’

In the art we see the expanse of sky and the vastness of the land.

We may see the image of the buffalo returned to their ancient home.

Perhaps there is a reflection of the white buffalo, Tatanka, messenger and sign of blessing.

I remember Michio Hoshino’s words that Nature sends messages all the time. How many messages do we receive? How many are we open to receiving?

~ 2020 ~



Hoar​ Fr​ost​

w30.5" x H40.5”

I opened the curtains in the morning. The world was a wonder​land​ of northern ​prairie hoar frost sparkling in the sun.​ I h​ad seen hoar frost before but on this particular​ day​ everything was still, a moment like no other. The world was white, brilliant with whiteness, silent with wonder.

I wanted others to see what I saw – the wonder of the frost and the glistening.

I hear a winter bird, a chickadee singing a joyful and inviting song which I wanted all to hear. I felt the warmth of belonging, of home, and amazing serenity, wholeness of heart and mind, which I wanted all to experience.​

~ 2019 ~


w39" x h51"

Thanks for stopping by my quilt, "Breathing". Please take a few deep breaths and take a clean, positive energy from a green forest or expansive tree park.

Breathe that into your body.

From you that positive energy spreads around you.

If this quilt helps your day,that will be great!

Thank You!!!!                                    ~2018~


w 44" x h 44"

We belong to many kinds of circles in our lives. I belong to a quilt circle that i enjoy very much. i made this quilt in appreciation of the quilt circle , life circle , my family circle , my town and community circles and many others . i use pieces of my family tartan and my town's unique tartan in the binding of the quilt . the biggest circle represents

the very large solar system design.


 Zen Garden

 A green Wabi-Sabi moss forest world is surrounded by pebble sea. The viewer looks out upon a border-less garden which the self enters. In meditation one enters a harmony, a beauty of simplicity and experiences a peaceful world connecting nature, other people and hall of life.



              TRee BArk 

The tree’s weathered, wrinkled bark speaks of perseverance. It protects the heart of the tree and growth rings measuring the good years and hard years of life. Voiceless, the tree proclaims, “Like your ancestors, I am here”. I want to hug the tree, communicate with its life-force, its soul. 



When the Land Mass Was One body

symbol of Unity 

W40” x H50”

Scientists tell us that millions of years ago all the land was one.Continental drift created separate continents,but the continents will shift until they are reunited.Humanity is one,but many things separate and divide us.The re-uniting of people must happen faster than the reuniting of the continents.The top and bottom of my quilt warn of the dangers of climate change.Caring for the earth and for the unity of people must happen at the same time.They are not two stories,but one.Change must happen in our hearts,our minds,our actions.


Snow DRift


Family Sanctuary

I love the arctic wolf. The quilt represents the actual size of this large endangered animal. The den is sacred space, sanctuary, that honours and protects family. The snow background has pristine beauty but also speaks of harsh weather and challenges to survival.

The circular den is family space. Fierce love unites family. The emblem carries family initial and denotes four children.


Round window

Traditional Japanese architecture often features  a round window. It speaks of beauty in each season, beauty for each to see for themselves, without limiting frame. I want people to see in the quilted window whatever is there – of themselves and their world. The wine-red fabric, from the obijime (sash) of one of my mother’s kimonos, bridges east and west. Red and white are the colours of the Canadian and Japanese flags. The waves allow viewers to see what creates harmony, simplicity, tranquility, peace allowing interflow between persons and cultures. This Wabi-sabi taste flows in the white stitching on white fabric.


Long Horned Beetle

Growing up in Japan, my brothers and I would go hunting for long-horned beetles. They are spotted and shiny with white, black, blue and green spots. When caught they make a squealing noise like laughter. In this happy memory I wanted to capture the fun of quilting and of artistic inspiration. Learning from my mother the amazing shapes and colours of insects taught me to see detail and to delight in detail. I see. I laugh. I bring this into my technique and design.              


Sparkling Diamond

Some know they have within a sparkling diamond, a uniqueness, a precious quality of being. Others need to find a way, some help, to see the diamond quality within. The diamond must be polished to shine its best. May the viewer see themselves in this celebration of great worth – and find freedom to allow others to see that which has perhaps been hidden away. May each find courage to open their heart . May they know the gift they are and the gifts, the rays of diamond reflection, they can offer those around them.                            ~2017~

No Borders

Geese fly freely. We see them fly so free and majestic. They have no borders. They fly together – everywhere and in all directions. They claim no territory. Humans could learn from the birds. We can fly – know freedom of soul. The wavy lines represent clouds and seas – the geese see the big picture –earth as unity and place where unity is possible. The movement is towards peace and well-being, away from conflict and boundaries that define and separate.